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The PC BFG version is a crap port?

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Agentbromsnor said:

I knew it. Tim Willits can seriously go fuck himself. Here he is making excuses:


Posts like this make me sad.

Just where exactly is he "making excuses"? All I could see in the inteview was him talking about the new features in the BFG version. He does mention mod support being removed, but he also mentions Carmack wanting to fix it later on, so it doesn't even sound like that big of a deal seeing as nobody is forcing you to buy the BFG edition and that mod support may be added later anyways.

So the BFG edition isn't perfect, so fucking what? I to think that it has its flaws but you don't see me badmouthing the people who made the game with childish insults because of it.

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And this is why I knew this "BFG Edition" was going to be a pile of crap, even resisted the copy-paste "Lost Missions" addition.

Also, why use Id Tech 5 when they could have just used the game's original Id Tech 4(?) and something for original Doom games?

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i agree with hardcore. bfg was a little sideproject that got a bit bigger, from what i read between the lines. and it still was a sideproject, because the mainforce is on doom 4.

the newsposting before release were total clear, maingoal CONSOLES, not a huge improvement FOR PC.

it was never the intention for pc to replace the old single games. its just a collection for normal gamers, because there will be games wise a gap/space between this release and the next game, doom 4.

bethesda did the pc version because else people starts to whine "only for consoles, buhu". now they did it, but the whine starts anyway.

id tech 5. well the multiplatform game rage was the latest game and the engine works (after game/driver problem of the release). for me its totally unclear whats been used in BFG. i cant understand what exactly a mix between id tech 4 / id tech 5 is. if you update an old game, why not use the latest tech.

i miss a autorun feature that stays on, i want more choices for crosshairs. and more options for ingame graphic menu.

if you like it more darker, change gamma, contrast. and r_lightscale to 1.

someone said the wulfen texture pack (2011) will work with doom bfg. http://www.doom3world.org/phpbb2/viewtopic.php?t=24708

this is crap and not true.

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Fuzzyfireball said:

What I've seen and read so far...

Modders have confirmed BFG has slightly worse textures
Less shadows and flashlight doesn't cast a shadow
The "new" lighting isn't new
New sounds are bad
New hud is bad and has two ammo counters?
Some characters look worse
Less graphics & gameplay options
60 FOV lock?
Can't mod because id Tech 5
OG Dooms are censored and XBLA versions
No Final DOOM

Think I'll stick with my original version.

I'll address these one by one.

1) Please point to where this has been confirmed. It seem that Sodaholic's link confirmed the opposite.

2) I've played through the D3 campaign already and can confirm that it has improved lighting in MANY areas over the original.

3) Matter of opinion. I had no issues with most of the new sounds.

4) The new HUD always displays ammo counts for all weapons, whereas it used to disappear when switching to weapons that had an ammo counter mounted to them (Chaingun, BFG, etc.) I agree that in this instance, there really wasn't any need for a change.

5) Examples? I have not seen any characters that I thought looked worse. Several of the NPCs (Swann, Betruger, Kelly) had striking visual improvements. It was obvious that somebody had gone in and manually retouched the skins.

6) There's new graphics options as well. The only major thing missing is the quality settings. Again, why bother with quality settings on an HD remake, when the game in question is 8 years old?

7) Can't comment.

8)Regarding that: https://twitter.com/ID_AA_Carmack

John Carmack ‏@ID_AA_Carmack

Got approval for GPL release of Doom 3 BFG code (minus third party bits)! @idBrianHarris has already done most of the work.

9 and 10) That is, indeed, bullshit. It's ridiculous that some people still feel that pixelated Swastikas still need to be censored today. And the exclusion of Final Doom also surprised me as well.

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D3 BFG is the first pc fps I actually prefer playing with a gamepad. Of course, mouse & keyboard is more precise, but the difference is huge compared to other games... The bfg edition even handles better than Rage, very smooth & responsive. Understandable since it is an old game, but they did a good job. The 3d is mighty cool too. Only thing that sucked was the massive screen tearing, but most of it went away after some tweaking.

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DoomUK said:

I guess people with computers which are old even by 2004 standards might want to be able to tweak things. They're out there.

They can't run the game. Trust me, I know--I'm one of them. I can run the original DOOM 3 on medium settings with no problems (and high with some framerate loss), but I can't even get the BFG version to start: the "GL_ARB_draw_elements_base_vertex not available" error smacks me in the face and closes down the game.

I was really, really looking forward to playing this, too. Didn't even get to see how the new versions of the classic games work, since you can't launch them separately.

Oh well. That's the nice thing about the old DOOM games: you can always get them to run. :)

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