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What's your accuracy?

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Yea, so what's your average accuracy in Doom3?

If you don't know how to see it.. set this in console or your cfg g_showProjectilePct 1

My average seems to be some 50-60%. I think some years ago it was 30-40%. I guess I've improved. Don't know how much it's in multiplayer as I've played so little multiplayer games in Doom3 and I don't remember, but it would probably be somewhere around 25-35%.

My observations on the weapons/accuracy:
* Melee weapons don't affect accuracy at all.
* Each shotgun pellet is counted as a shot fired, so all must hit if you want 100% with it.
* Rockets/Grenades don't increase accuracy over 100% if they hit multiple enemies. Also grenades seem to have some bugginess with what counts as a hit, it probably needs to bounce at least once.
* BFG can increase accuracy over 100% if it hits multiple enemies.
* Using the Soul cube counts as a shot fired, but it doesn't count as a hit.
* Shooting the enemies when they've already died counts as misses...
* Shooting explosive barrels counts as misses, even if the barrel explosion hits the enemy.
* Accuracy stats resets during level change. So check it before you hit the exit.
* The accuracy stats are not per weapon, sure would be nice to see all weapons separately... They're just all hits and shots fired with any weapon..

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