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Snatching nice looking textures

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I think many have been in this situation - you basicly builds a giant project, huge maps, and plenty of levels, and only using the vanilla textures becomes kinda boring so you decide to get some new textures. as you proceed through time you gain more and more custom stuff since you look around and just finds tons of nice eye-candies which you know would improve the the experience in wad of yours and abara-kadabra-simsallabim you notice that you should have credits for all this custom stuff - and youre totaly lost with who made what,. So basicly you dont care and just loads it all in your wad and type the credits you can grip a hold of and decides that any one who dont see their name in the credits and finds their stuff in the wad could just send a message and ask the author to put their name in the credits - it would make the process of releasing the project much faster and ease ones mind while building the project.

And then there may be some that dont like that solution.

what do you think about it?

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Unless you used textures from wads where it was made forbidden to use the custom content from, it's probably not a big deal if you just add a general statement in your readme like "All custom textures credit to respective persons." I doubt anyone would be terribly offended by that.

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I ripped the H2H-Xmas santa sprites, even though the text file forbid that.

I'm going with the belief that the authors won't mind, despite their stance on it when they first made them --- that was about 15 years ago.

I recognize myself in your situation. I grabbed a bunch of resources from everywhere, and I've lost track of where everything came from. I intend to credit everyone, but there are some sources that I probably won't find again, and then there isn't much I can do.

I agree with your sentiment, and I think it's justified by the goal, which is to just make something cool. That's what drives us forward, after all.

If somebody complains, then hear them out, throw out their junk, and move on.

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actually if you make a thing like that you are most likely to find 50% of the levels with ur credits and the other 50% without it, though its all made to be evolved (randomly?) maybe its no point to even bother if you find your stuff in some else's wad and dont have you in the credits, else just refeer to the source wad name.

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