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Brutal Doom - Adding Burst Fire Mode?

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Hey, I wanna add burst fire to the pistol add-on for Brutal Doom.


I wanna add it to RMB, as a secondary fire. I know a couple of mods I could open up with SLADE to look at the code (rusrar and RGH), but I thought maybe somebody knows a quick\clean way of doing it.

Thanks for any help, I'll wait a bit before starting the trial and error fun-times :)


My first attempt created an impressive shotgun pistol, but I have managed to figure out how to make it a burst fire weapon (just copy and paste the fire code a bunch of times).

Now I just gotta figure out AltFire


Hah! That was so easy! Just add Alt as a prefix to Fire behehe

I'm tired right now but tomorrow I'll upload a file and explain what I did for other noobs out there like me. You can very easily make cool stuff, like a rocket\Shotgun launcher hybrid horror thing.

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Sounds cool, I'll check it out later. I'm not a fan of the default rifle they give you in the regular Brutal Doom wad, but I never tried the pistol. This sounds fun to use.

[edit]It's pretty cool, but it's VERY overpowered, though it probably eats bullets faster than the regular minigun fire. Since you can keep clicking altfire for ultra rapid bursts it's insanely easy to kill anything with the pistol. Probably ought to do something to prevent that.

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It's really addictive, I love tapping LMB to get a shot off on an imp then instantly hitting RMB to finish them off with a burst.

It's actually very easy to edit all the weapons in the game, and Sgt Mark kept his files clean\neat too. If you open the file up in SLADE, click on DECORATE you have all the values you could want to edit. Hovering over a line will bring a popup that explains what the values represent.

I'm thinking of making the pistol single shot more accurate and leaving the burst fire with the bullet spread. All you have to do is edit this line

PISF A 1 BRIGHT A_FireBullets (2, 2, -1, 10, "HitPuff")

The first two values (2,2) represent horizontal spread and vertical spread respectively. Higher value = more spread (therefore less accuracy), I'll set them to 1 and see how fun it is.

Also, the -1 value indicates how many bullets are shot at once, not sure why he has it at -1, but if you set it to 20 you will have a fun time with the most amazing shotgun pistol behehehe.

EDIT\ @Nomad

hmm I'll mess around with it, there's a way to add delay to rate of fire at the end of the sequence, just gotta figure it out.

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Ok I fixed that problem with being able to spam burst-fire. I changed a weaponready(1) to weaponready(12) and it has worked, but I am sure there is a better way of adding a delay since the weaponready (12) is just a toggle option.

It works though and I made two versions.



2-burst is much tamer and less OP, since it just rapidly taps out two bullets.

Remember you can also download Sgt Mark's (the creator of Brutal Doom) original pistol mod which has no Alt-Fire.


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