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Doom map ratings

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So far as I can tell, no one has posted a list of the most popular official Doom maps, top to bottom. So I'm going to do it myself. I was planning on a fancy web page but I think this spreadsheet will work just as well without all the work.

Instructions: Open the spreadsheet below. Type your ratings, 1-5, in to notepad.

And make sure you have 68 lines when you're done. If you don't know a level well enough to rate it, leave a blank line. When you've finished, just send me a pm with the subject "survey" and your numbers pasted in the body with NO other text. Non-conforming responses will not be used.


I haven't decided how long I'm going to let this run. I'm thinking a week but we'll see how it goes.

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Wow. Not a single response. To anyone interested, click on the link to see how good every "official" map for Doom is, as definitively rated by myself.

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you gave nirvana and chasm 1's, so i assume that's the highest score?

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