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Looking for textures

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I'm currently working on a small project that will hopefully use some new textures (if I ever figure out how to import them in XWE without screwing up the palette) and I was curious if some of the textures I was going to use already existed or if I had to make them myself. I think I actually remember some of them, but I don't know where from.

The textures I'm looking for are some metallic-looking bricks (I've found some already, but I'd particularly like something with the general dimensions of BRICK6-BRICK9) and gold-looking textures (particularly BRONZE1-BRONZE4, CEMENT9, BIGBRIK* and BFALL1-BFALL4 in gold). I've looked in some of the more popular texture packs and while there were some interesting textures in them, there wasn't really anything that I really wanted, so I thought I'd ask if any of the prolific texture artists here have ever created anything of the sort I'm looking for.

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Also, instead of working on edge with XWE, try switching over to the friendly Slade 3. It has every feature XWE has, and much much much more, with the ability to customize pretty much everything you do.

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For me, I usually go to Google Image and search for the textures that I'm looking for. Search something like "seamless brick texture" or whatever and save any images you would like to your computer. Afterwords, edit the images using any image editor and resize the images to Doom texture sizes.

~ 64x64 for flats
~ 128x128 for most patches

Save these images in PNG format and import them into your wad using a program such as SLumpEd. Convert the PNG's to Doom graphics (for flats, convert to Doom Graphics, then Flats) and add them to PNames and Texture1 (if it's a patch). Make sure each image falls in between either P_START and P_END (for patches) and F_START and F_END (for flats).

Good luck! Hope that doesn't confuse you as much as it did for me as I wrote it. :/

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Thank you. I did check the texture packs on those sites (they're mostly the same between the two, by the way) and there wasn't really anything I wanted there. I'll look through the ZDoom thread too. Also thanks for the info on how to import them without messing around with XWE.

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Solarn said:

Also thanks for the info on how to import them without messing around with XWE.

No problem. It makes it a lot easier to make your wad original when you have textures other wads don't. :)

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