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Doom 3: BFG edition FoV makes the PC version unplayable

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Since I already have Doom 3 STEAM I got a discount on the BFG version, and since I am not short on cash I figured I could as well buy tbe PC version as well (I already bought the PS3 version via Amazon, but it isn't here yet).

However, after having started the game I was utterly shocked by how horrible the FoV (field of view) is now compared to the original Doom 3. It's horrible to a point of barely being playable. I feel like I am staring at only a small narrow area of the game world that would normally be visible if I were playing the original Doom 3.

And no, there is no option to change it in the options.

What the fuck Id? I know that this release has consoles in mind but there really is no excuse to not give PC players the option to change the FoV.

Unless the option to change FoV is added I see no reason whatsoever for why anyone should even consider playing the PC version of the BFG version instead of the original PC release.


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^ console is locked by default. You apparently can't complete achievements if you enable the console. Not a big deal for some.

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I was able to fix it. It appears that you can use the command that changes the fov (and also enable the console if you so desire) by changing the launch parameters.

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The FOV ain't that bad. You can change it back without disabling acheivements anyway. Changing the FOV isn't considered a cheat by the game.

EDIT: Two years later, I don't hold this opinion anymore. The FOV sucked hard. But the way they handled Doom 2 was even worse.

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