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Bind for quicksave via key? (Also crash issue)

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Is there a quick way to make a bind for Skulltag/Zandronum so I can save the game silently (and just "Game saved." in upper left) while recording without having to hit F6?

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I think F6 is the closest you're going to get. One you select which game you're saving to, it'll ask you if that's the one you want to save to again. So after the first time you'd have to press 'F6' and then 'Y' for 'yes'.

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Another possibility:

bind q "special autosave"

This will give you a quicksave key that makes autosaves. The interest being that if you make a quicksave that you actually regret doing because you get a rocket to the face immediately after or something, then you can still go back to an older autosave.

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I don't do quicksaves in the heat of battle, especially when being fired upon. I usually do such before new areas and before picking up keys.

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Bumping this because with Zandronum I am coming across a problem with this at times when dying and then reloading causing it to crash sometimes (Access Violation) and attempting to reload that last save makes it crash no matter what I try to do to load it.

Anyone wonder why it would bomb? I am also using Brutal Doom and not sure if it's the culprit or not.

Code: C0000005 (Access Violation - tried to read address 19971EA1)
Address: 004C57A5
Flags: 00000000

Windows NT 6.1 Build 7601 Service Pack 1

GS=002b  FS=0053  ES=002b  DS=002b
EAX=00000000  EBX=00000020  ECX=1308b3e8  EDX=06aaf400
ESI=1308b3e8  EDI=19971e9f
EBP=00000000  EIP=004c57a5  ESP=0018f25c  CS=0023  SS=002b
 CF- PF+ AF- ZF+ SF- TF- IF+ DF- OF- NT- RF+ VM- AC- VI- VP-

FPU State:
 ControlWord=027f StatusWord=0133 TagWord=ffff

Zandronum version 1.0-r120819-2011 (Aug 19 2012)

Command line: E:/Doom2/Zandronum/zandronum.exe -iwad E:/Doom2/DOOM2.WAD -file 
E:/Doom2/Zandronum/skulltag_actors.pk3 E:/Doom2/Zandronum/skulltag_data.pk3
E:/Doom2/~RMG5.wad E:/Doom2/brutalv017.pk3 E:/Doom2/cchest4.wad

Wad 0: zandronum.pk3
Wad 1: DOOM2.WAD
Wad 2: ZanACG.pk3
Wad 3: ZanGeneric.pk3
Wad 4: skulltag_actors.pk3
Wad 5: skulltag_data.pk3
Wad 6: ~RMG5.wad
Wad 7: brutalv017.pk3
Wad 8: brutalv017.pk3:terrain.wad
Wad 9: cchest4.wad

Current map: MAP10

Network state: SINGLE

viewx = -105450419
viewy = -29788092
viewz = -262201
viewangle = 3ed80000
If anyone can figure out why this happens, any input would be appreciated since I cannot load the custom save point without it crashing the game immediately and leaving me to start the level via autosave from the start.

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