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Weapon mod questions!

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Hello again! I have a couple of ZDoom decorate questions:

1) When editing the 'Fist' weapon I would like to display a different animation when it hits something (a wall or an enemy) and a different one when I don't hit anything. Is this possible?

2) I understand the basic concept of 'Fire' and 'AltFire'. Can a weapon have, maybe 3 or more alternate fire states?

Thank u again doomguys :)

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1) the only thing i can remenber that do a similar thing is the hexen's figther punch http://zdoom.org/wiki/Classes:FWeapFist

2)i really don't know... you can surely have a weapon that randomize it's attacks states with an A_jump () statement, but i think that you are bound to a maximum 2 main fire states.

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Thank u for your response Cacowad!

Doing a super duper research I found two functions called
A_JumpIfTargetInsideMeleeRange and A_JumpIfTargetOutsideMeleeRange (they're found here: http://zdoom.org/wiki/Action_functions )

Both require some version of ZDoom (I dont know if I have it, havent had time to) but it seems to me they would work.

About the multi fire attacks I also found this article:

"Weapons and custom inventory items define a few more states to define their animations.
Note that you can also define your own states that can be referred to using A_Jump or other jump instructions."

So, I think I can create multiple states and use the A_Jump function to go to any of them.

Link: http://zdoom.org/wiki/Actor_states

I don't know if any of this would work but I'll give it a try. I'll post my findings soon.

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Ok, now I've got some announcements to make :) : ->

I got ZDoom r3897. So everything was tested using this version.
I also used Slade 3 and Doom Builder 2.

1) The function A_A_JumpIfTargetInsideMeleeRange does work. It detects enemies but not walls or other decoration objects. (It will return true even if the enemy is dead).

2) You can create different States and use them by using A_Jump functions (I've only tried this one for weapons, not sure about monsters or other objects but it would be likely to work).

So yeah. Mmm Mmm!

I'm sure I'll be asking questions again pretty soon :D

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