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Any Good MIDI Sites?

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I'm sick of listening to Entryway's BGM every time I try to test my wad. Anybody know any sites that have good MIDI files that could take it's place? If it helps, I'm looking for music that would fit a vanilla Doom-styled wad.

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Gez said:

For ports that can play tracker modules:

Nathan Lineback did pretty cool MOD->MIDI conversions for his megawad Marswar. If you can figure out the converters ( I couldn't :) ), this site will be useful even for your vanilla projects.

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Just a thought: anything jazzy in these? Relaxing or upbeat either. I think playing Brutal Doom would be a lot less jarring if some ironically relaxing jazz was playing instead of METAL AWESOME METAL AWESOME all the time.

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Jimmy91 said:


(also my signature)

Wow man, nice. Can I use those in my maps to be released? (Of course with credits where due!)

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Sure thing, man. :) If the tracks you want are for a project that is yet unreleased, however, you might wanna ask the leader of that project for permission to use 'em.

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