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[WIP] Concealed in Darkness 3 map alpha available!

What do you think of this wad?  

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  1. 1. What do you think of this wad?

    • This wad is pretty good
    • This wad need work
    • This wad sucks

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This is a wad that i am making on the side. My hopes with this project is to improve my mapping so that my other projects will have better gameplay and map layout.

The detail of this wad will be close to what the original doom is. This wad will feature some custom guns and enemies.

Please give me feedback so that i can become a better mapper.

This wad will eventually become a megawad once i get more maps done.

3 map alpha link http://www.mediafire.com/?e4q3bg5gzol43lf



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These 3 levels where pretty good. Keep on mapping and you will get there :). Some pointers:

- Try to avoid inescapable pits (at least I couldn't find a way out of them)
- Some rooms are completely symmetrical, try to play with symmetry. (You could make a symmetrical room but add something special on one side only, hopefully you get my drift ;) )
- Killing lots of though monsters with only a chaingun, shotgun and SSG was no fun for me. If you add lots of though monsters also give some means to kill them a little faster :)
- Monster placement is sometimes also symmetrical. Try to spicen things up with some asymmetrical monster placement. That way the player has to prioritize which way to go and which monsters to take out first.
- Try to use the same amount of detailing throughout your map. Some areas looked pretty nice but some areas are kinda bland
- Map 01 doesn't have to be very very easy, I found it lacking any form of challenge. Maybe spicen this up as well
- New monsters are not really my thing but I would also avoid them because you are still learning. Start with the basic monster set and after you master that you can advance to custom monsters.

Hope you find my pointers useful. Remember this is my opinion so wait for some more feedback before you decide to change things. We all have different tastes and ideas :)


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I was really liking these maps, but for spots like in the second map you should really change that texture to a LAVAFALL, the rest of the stuff is nice though especially the layouts!

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