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Video Vault part Deux

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Since the old thread got buried deep, I decided to make a new thread with video links to my uploaded Doom vids..

Hardcore_gamer's "Short Maps" series with the Brutal Doom mod. I will upload MAP02 tomorrow.

I am using 0.17 test9, which still has some bugs. Will be using test11 and later on the official release of 0.17 when it comes out on the 31st.

If you want to see all videos, including non-Doom, check my signature.

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It's inconsiderate to the authors not to mention in your video title (or even particularly clearly in the description) that you've used a separate addon to heavily modify the maps you're playing. (You still have videos online that would easily lead one to believe Doom The Way id Did has zoom scopes and fatalities.)

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Every single Doom video with Brutal Doom used I mention I am using a mod in the description as well as download links to both, where am I being inconsiderate, not mentioning using a mod in the title?

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