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[Question] Mugshot Health statut

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Hey, i would like to know if we can change when the Mugshot change his statue depending of the hitpoints left.

I though it would be with this codes :
mugshot "Normal", health2
{ST00, ST01, ST02} 17;

mugshot "Pain", healthspecial, directional
{TR00, KILL0, TL00} 35;

mugshot "Rampage", health
KILL0 1;

mugshot "Ouch", health
OUCH0 35;

mugshot "Grin", health
EVL0 70;

mugshot "God"
GOD0 -1;

mugshot "GodAnimated"
{GOD0, GOD1, GOD2} 17;

mugshot "Death"
DEAD0 -1;

mugshot "XDeath"
XDTH0 10;
XDTH1 10;
XDTH2 10;
XDTH3 10;
XDTH4 10;
XDTH5 -1;

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