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General Rainbow Bacon

Small HR/Plutonia style map

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i got as far as the blue health thing archvile ambush before dying. Was I near the end?

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FDA, works with wad from OP, not the fixed one. dies many times, doesn't complete.

I was having fun up until the AV/manc room that I die in twice. you don't really have time to assess what's going on and I just got insta-raped each time.

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General Rainbow Bacon said:

Yeah, I'll probably fix that room for gameplay since a lot of people are dying there.

Heh. Including me.

Good solid level all up. Much more HR than Plutonia imo. Really reminds me of a mid 90's level. In a good way.

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FDA. I liked it, especially the room/corridor/outdoor windows setup. That instant kill teleporting cybie is bullshit, though. Ok, I had the hint he was around due to his roaming sound introduced earlier, but didn't expect it to pop up right in front of me. I'll give you that charging into an unknown path isn't a wise idea, but really I got in there trying to dodge the arch-viles, it wasn't a conscious attempt at rushing.

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