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The Real BFG Project

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Hi, just want to get ideas for a doom project/mod
here are some ideas so far.

Keep it basic very clean, tight and up to date.

maybe updated for BFG edition?concerning the bfg edition, I really don't know how and what is going to be moddable. So maybe just the original Doom 3 would be easier to work with?

one nice thing about the BFG version is the ability to easily use surround sound. I haven't been able to get OG Doom 3 running in surround on any recent sound hardware. I've tried all of the different methods but it sticks to 2.0 stereo. While the gun sounds are crap everything else is pretty good and really shines in surround. Fantastic use of low frequency noise as well.

Also Doom 3 BFG the contrast between the light and the dark areas looks great, unlike the original Doom 3, which just seems like varying shades of darkness.it just looks DARK, not atmospheric in the least. I would much appreciate a visible game.

(edited into a link. don't put giant images in your posts, read the FAQ)

no conflicting packages, bad settings, include mods that do absolutely nothing and so on.

Keep it simple sikkmod + monoxead + wulfen in a sensible pack like Doom3 NiukNiuk pack the one of Guru3D (that does just that):

TWO AND FOUR PLAYER SPLIT SCREEN which no one does on PC even though PC is best suited for split screen!

Fix the save so its like the BFG Edition up-to-date system that will save your progress cleanly without errors or freezes

Fix Sikkmod on AMD cards.

The readme should have lots of content and a FAQ section

modern resolution and aspect ratio - AFAIK modern resolution and aspect ratio support comes integrated on the game options when you use 6th Venom's GUI

Add realist Weapon V10 Mod as an option (still keep the original sounds/feel tho), The weapon sounds and feel do need an overhaul.Needs more OOMF, imo.
guns were better in the orginals




Add Doom 1 and 2 - A enhanced Doom 1 and 2 remakes using the Doom 3 engine and make it select-able like the BFG edition that is out now.
as well as the classic Doom 1 and 2 running the Doomsday engine.
When you start up the game, it gives you an option of either
Doom, , or Doom 2 or Doom 3(as show in menu)
Select Doom 3, then New Game, it will give you options of
Doom 3, ROE, or Lost Levels.
Select Doom 1 or 2 - then new game, it will give you options of either
Classic or remake

All the Doom menus should match for continuality purposes

A remake of doom 1 and 2 would be perfect with siikmod and wulfen hd textures. would look like a next generation game

There was no point in iD releasing BFG, beside from a cash grab. BFG looks worse then the Original Doom 3, this is a complete rip off. They should of released Doom 1 and 2 with the same engine as doom 3 but with updated graphics.
thats what the fans really want. Id will never give us a real BFG edition with a real enhanced Doom 3 that included redone and enhanced Doom 1 and 2 remakes tho. thats what the industry is all about lately. Make the less effort possible to make people pay.

Doom 3 should not be the focus. the focus should be on the trilogy.

Doom 3 should be changed to have without the "bubble of action" around you..this would be way better.
And cut down on the spawning of enemy's behind the player aka cheap scares

the game is limited by the "action bubble" around the player. The fact that all enemies are aware of the player at all times makes it infinitely less scary. There are no patrolling enemies, enemies can't lose track of your, and enemy locations are always obvious. If the game had taken a different approach to its encounters then the darkness could have improved experience, but in the end, it IS just an action shooter without any of the tension they wanted to deliver. As a result, the darkness simply gets in the way of the action.

One need only consider the enemy behavior and placement in a game like System Shock 2 if you want to know what could have been. Those moments when you're hiding from enemies or know there is an enemy wandering the hallways are the most tense. Doom 3 has none of that. The original Doom 3 E3 2002 demo actually DID feature this sort of behavior and, although it was all scripted, it hinted at something greater. The final game failed to deliver anything of this.

Take a look at this (the original E3 demo)


Notice how different the encounters play out in that footage?

It failed to deliver patrolling enemies. Enemy locations aren't always obvious. In fact they're often random, and not every shadow hides an enemy, which is the point. It's the anticipation to the encounter that builds tension, not the encounter itself. Obviously this tends to diminish on multiple playthroughs

Thief, was also incredibly tense, but in a different way from Doom 3. Doom 3 failed to add ANY tension to the game it didn't provide any sense of fear or terror. It's very "Dead Space" in the sense that it WANTS to be scary but fails to do so.

not all levels should be like this some could be more action focused with more added enemies and more open levels ...maybe in the outside part of complex with more light.
maybe start the game slower and build up the pace and action.

Doom 3 Alpha would be a good base for doom 3 to be modded. it actually felt more like doom. this is what doom3 should of been like. and there's no flash light.

How possible would it be to adjust stuff to fit the look and feel of the demo?

add real gamepad support.

remove pda audio-logs and text-logs, have ammo safes open.

and keep the option to play the original flashlight style or new - Flashlight and nightvision are Sikkmod features, everyone who has Sikkmod installed can use them. So just keep it like this
or just remove the flashlight all together. It doesn't really work that well anyway. However the game would have to be more bright in places.

I think a mod like this would put a lot of modern shooters in its place including the next doom 4..

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I'd be inclined to believe people playing classic Doom and disliking Doom 3 would do so because it *isn't* enough of an action shooter rather than the other way around.

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I'd like to see the community prove Id and Bethesda wrong that we could do a better job for a revamp of their original games..

I already know some people did episode 1 for Doom for Doom 3 with the Classic Doom 3 project, but how to integrate such a thing (which I suspect a redo of that?) and the two other episodes.

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