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DB2 Installation without internet

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I'm trying to install Doombuilder 2 at home on my Windows XP desktop PC. I downloaded the installer on a USB drive and brought it to my computer. I ran the installer but at the end it tells me I don't have the most up to date Microsoft .NET framework, and that it will proceed to download the unspecified version of the framework from the internet and install it here. I don't have internet at my house so I cancelled the installation and brought my USB drive to the library and downloaded .NET 4.0 framework and installed it on my PC when I got home. After running it a second time, the installer still says the same thing and cancels the installation after it's unable to download it. Is there any way to bypass this so that I can install DB2 without having internet access? And more importantly, am I downloading the right thing?

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Try downloading a SVN build


Just unzip and run (Provided SlimDX and .Net are installed)

If you plan on using the GZDoom editing mode plugin these SVN builds should be the most stable I've had a lot problems in the past with this release http://www.doombuilder.com/files/builder2_setup_1553.exe appears to be memory leaks when using the GZDoom editing mode plugin.


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You no longer need an internet connection for purposes of installing Doombuilder2 or GZDoombuilder.

The SVN versions on http://svn.drdteam.org/, compiled by Tiger, contain a file SlimDX.dll, so un7ziping is all you need to do.

The only proviso is that you have at least .NET Framework 3.5 installed.

However, in the folder 'Setup' are two files to update either SlimDX or .NET Framework in case you need/want to
update. Then, of course, a connection to the internet is required.

While DB2_r1630 is the latest version of DB2 with configs for most ports, GZDB_r1625 has had more bug fixes and
is the more feature rich editor for ZDoom/GZDoom and its child ports.

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