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Is there a mod with very good melee?

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I don't mean just a weapon replacement or two, but that is of course preferred. I'm referring to a mod that was rebalanced to make it more melee-centric, with monsters worth meleeing that don't die cheaply to it (like all the monsters you can currently melee in Doom and Doom 2), that provide a challenge without slaughtering you mercilessly (like all the ones you can't).

If not it's going to go on a backburner for something I'd like to do, a pipe dream. I had an inspiration of using ZDoom's secondary fire function (if available) for the punch as a grab for making a human(demon?) shield, or maybe if you punch while in the air it becomes a kick that knocks you and the opponent back. (bonus points: jump kick a grabbed foe and he flies away and temporarily becomes a small-damage projectile like the Lost Soul, triggering hate from other monsters ("WHY DID YOU LAND ON ME GET OFF OF ME IMP-STEVE GOD YOU SMELL LIKE ASS")?)

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Brutal Doom (a gameplay mod by Segeant_Mark_IV) has zombies and imps as shields and fatality sequences when the player has berserk or is killed in melee.

Zen Dynamics (a level set with it's own full set of weapons by Xaser) has a very cool machete that has Devil May Cry inspired combos and also has a block/deflection alt-fire.

Zharkov Goes to the Store (a weapons mods by Xaser) also has an interesting and hilariously powerful fist weapon that does crazy combos and can tear off his arm and throw it as a secondary fire (it grows back). Berserk just makes it even more crazy.

All of the above are ZDoom mods.

As a bit of self-promotion, E2M0 of ZPack (a community project from the ZDoom forums), if you can get past the conveyor belt obstacle course, has a section which is very berserk oriented and has you taking on all manner of enemies (including one or two Bestiary ones) in fairly even combat (IMO).

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Alright, wow. Both of those are really really awesome. Thanks for the heads up. Both good approaches to a Doom melee system.

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