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BFG Edition and custom wads.

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Curious as to whether BFG edition would be capable of running custom wads somehow and even final doom.

I first tried simply renaming plutonia.wad or tnt.wad into doom2.wad and this seems to work as long as you don't try to quit the game or access any other bfg exclusive game aspects.

I then tried to rename a custom wad such as scythe.wad to nerve.wad and play the wad through the 'No Rest for the Living' episode. This worked flawlessly up until level 8 where it finishes the episode as that is where the nerve episode finishes.

I then tried to find some software that would allow me to merge any wads of my choice together whilst overwriting any files that might already exist (i.e maps, textures etc.) hopefully creating a final product that would have all of the BFG necessary files whilst overwriting any files within with the custom wad's content resulting in a BFG compatible custom wad sort of thing. Unfortunately with this stage the only two programs I could find were DeepSea (No idea how to use it) and WadMerger (Instant crash upon attempting to merge anything together, I also suspect that it isn't actually meant for what I am trying to do).

I realise this is a pretty pointless thing to try as there are numerous source ports out there that function correctly and have far more capabilities than the BFG port.

I would like to know however if anyone else had attempted and had any success with this?

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Yes, it's possible to load mods, they just have to be merged into the IWADs, as it doesn't support PWADs. You CAN, however, use custom IWADs, by putting it in a mod folder with the subdirectory of [mod folder name]\wads\. Then just load the mod as you would any vanilla Doom 3 mod, from the command line.

You DO NOT need to overwrite the base folder's WADs.

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It's a shame they didn't include PWAD support for the Xbox or PS3. Too much to hope for but would have been a nice feature.

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I tried what you suggested and attempted to load scythe by renaming it to doom2.wad and placing it in scythe>wads>doom2.wad

Then I loaded the mod by adding '+set fs_game scythe' to the command line (Steam version) which resulted in an instant crash as soon as Doom2 is loaded.

I thought this might work because I figured it operated by filling in all the gaps in the scythe wad with the stock game data but apparently not so.

Could you direct me to software that would enable me to merge wads together?

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