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The BFG's edition Doom and Doom 2 have controller vibration!

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I know it may sound like something that doesn't really matter, but I actually find this to be a pretty awesome thing.

I have played Doom and Doom 2 lots and lots, but this is the first time I have played Doom or Doom 2 with controller vibration, and it really makes a difference I feel.

Weapons like the shotgun feel even more powerful now, and it makes kills feel even more rewarding :)

I guess that Id did at least some things right with the BFG re-release.

Has anyone else played the PS3 version of Doom 1 and 2 via the BFG version? (I don't know if the Xbox 360 version also has controller vibration).

What are your thoughts?

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I have BFG Edition for PS3, didn't notice the vibration though as I usually have that switched off, I'll need to try it.

The main thing that bugs me about BFG edition is the weird-sounding music. The multiplayer is quite poor too, for classic Doom there is never anyone playing, and Doom3 is really laggy (ping always at 200 no matter what). I was going to try and plat BFG edition but it means playing through Doom3 games in Nightmare mode, which I really cannot be bothered doing!

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