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Voidness - mini-puzzle megawad by Dant3

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Here is a cool mini-puzzle megawad made by Russian doomer Dant3 (with a little help from Seifer) in less than a week. Each map is a short scenario that might seem very hard/impossible at first but is actually fairly easy. It is somewhat humorous too so don't take it too seriously. ;) Enjoy!

solution demos for all levels (by Dant3)

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Ya Ribbiks sometimes simple is better, there is no gimmicks or someone trying so hard and inflaming their wads/mods with useless novelty content. This wad really is better than a lot of the stuff that comes out because it's just so much fun!

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Fun stuff. Here's a FDA (recommended for anyone with sadistic tendencies). I probably got through a few maps the wrong way with brute force, and gave up on Map22 as the only strategy I could find was too luck-based.

Edit: watched the demo. Kind of disappointed in that particular map. Just endurance and luck rather than a cool trick or puzzle. Eh, now I'll avoid demos for the maps in which I feel I did it wrong just so I can keep assuming there was a better, clever way to get through these. :)

Most maps were cool anyway.

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