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Animated textures

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So, i've compiled all of my textures and converted the pack
to work with a Boom map i'm working on. Right now i'm trying to
figure out how to have animated texture for some of my new lavafall
and mudfall, i can provide the pack if anyone can lend me a hand!

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If you want it Boom compatible you will need to use the ANIMATED and SWITCHES lump produced by SWANTBLS.EXE


Un-zip that file and edit DEFSWANI.DAT that will allow you to add animated textures and switches.

Now SWANTBLS.EXE is a 16-bit .EXE so you will need DOSBOX to run it alternatively I re-compiled this a while ago so I could run it from the command prompt in Windows 7.


I give no guarantee it will work for you but it could save you the trouble of having to use DOSBOX every time you want to create your ANIMATED and SWITCHES lump.

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Recent SVN builds of SLADE can also edit SWITCHES and ANIMATED lumps, have yet to try it myself. The editor's accessed via the "Archive/New" menu.

@Simon666 - drop me a PM if you get stuck.

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Hmmm, maybe I should confirm that on the SVN release I've only tried in 3.0.2 you can view them but I couldn't directly edit.

Edit - Yes it does work GreyGhost (Pain in the ass to keep up with all the changes lol )

You can download here


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Hey you gotta keep on the ball, I try and learn something new every day it's a good practice.

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