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Trouble Running Custom TNT Map [SOLVED]

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Hey folks

This is probably a really idiotic problem but somehow it's left me scratching my head. Basically i've made a custom map using tnt.wad's resources (textures), trouble is running the wad.

When creating the wad in Doom Builder 2 the main IWAD is Doom 2 (i don't have any choice really, at least not to my knowledge?) and obviously when running the map it will need tnt.wad for the additional textures. The problem starts here, how am i supposed to run the custom wad with both doom2.wad and tnt.wad? Using Chocodoom i did "-file doom2.wad tnt.wad mymap.wad" and as probably an obvious result no dice. I tried "-file tnt.wad mymap.wad" and i just get "r_texturenumforname sw1brcom not found". I also tried "-file doom2.wad mywad.wad" for the sake of it and wasn't surprised it didn't work.

It's left me stuck a little, i'm not usually prone to these blank spots but right now i am. I can test the map fine in Doom Builder, although i'm using Zdoom to test it. What is the right way to run a custom map using both Doom 2 and tnt, or even just one or the other?

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Tried it, unfortunately it produces the same error as mentioned: "r_texturenumforname sw1brcom not found". Not sure what this means exactly since the texture does exist.

The main iwad used to create the map was Doom 2 since it's the only option doom builder allows. From here i could only add resources, which is tnt.wad. Because of this i'm not sure if it requires both iwads?

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If it works in ZDoom but doesn't work in Choco, my guess is that mymap.wad contains TEXTURE1 or TEXTURE2 lump and something is wrong with it.

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Found out what the problem was. I had a few custom textures that weren't added to the TEXTURE1 or PNAMES lumps. Not sure how i overlooked it but it's all fixed now. Thanks for you help guys.

Just a shame my map breaks the seg and visplane limit just slightly but ah well.

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