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MIDI Editing, without the cables and keyboard

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I've probably asked this before years ago but times change and I didn't honestly get around to going forth with the midi creations when I found I could render waves from synapse audio orion. What worried me about that was the size of the massive amount of mp3s I wanted to include in a pk3 and I'd rather have just a general patch wad file.

So I'm back to square one with hundreds of nice tracks but none of them will help with my doom mod (if anyone is interested in those, check out http://www.jerrylehr.com if you want some to use in yours and make things bulky)

Anyways the question: is there software I can use to create midis simply much like orion makes notes that doesn't require me to get a new cable for my midi controller?

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Anvil Studio has a piano roll feature.
I prefer Cakewalk's MIDI capabilities, but that's not free...

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well if I wait until after christmas time brokeness I don't think paying will be a problem. Piano roll is what it's called that I'm looking for... I recently after posting this found and bookmarked a music tool database I'll share when I'm on my other computer that more or less holds every music tool there is I think.

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