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Truly Replace Weapons

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Hi! another weapon question :)

I want to COMPLETELY replace certain weapons in Doom 2 and I want the player to start the game ONLY with a custom fist I created.

The fist is ready and has been assigned the SlotNumber 1. In the Decorate code I also have:

Actor SensitiveFist : Weapon Replaces Fist 20000

But the old fist is there too. Searching the web I found that I could use the KEYCONF lump they say I should not use this method. What other options do I have?

Thanks again!!!

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I don't know if this will help much. But I think it would have something to do with adding/replacing classes.


I found this for you, hope this is helpful


I believe when you make a new KEYCONF, you need to type:

addplayerclass SolarPlayer

SolarPlayer is just an example, what ever you name your class would be where that name was put.

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Oh yeah! It was the way to go!

I created a new player class inheriting from DoomPlayer. Then I modified the weapons I wanted on the startup with the Player. StartupItem properties and THEN I used the MAPINFO lump with GAMEINFO to overwrite the player class.

Thank you so much!!! :)

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