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Doom 3 BFG scales the resolution

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After a lot of hazzle trying to run Doom 3 BFG (OpenGL and driver related problems), i started a game and to my surprise, it doesn't run at the resolution i wanted (even if in the settings menu i configured it), instead it scales up the resolution to adjust the resolution i selected (1366x768), and it just looks like shit to me, here is a screenshot i took of the game:

I don't know why this happens, i've tried tweaks and other stuff and nothing works, someone has this problem on Doom 3 BFG?

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You'll find that what it's actually doing is dynamic scaling to maintain 60FPS, same as RAGE. The only "fix" would be disabling dynamic resolution scaling, but all that will do is exchange resolution problems with framerate problems.

Edit: Make sure to turn things down/off to help resolve this. Things like motion blur and anti-aliasing are going be the heft of your performance problems.

Side note: If you are interested, "com_showfps 1" will give you information about how much resolution you have (as a percentage, 100% being full) and timings of each part (your GPU taking too long to put out a frame is normally why it drops, as seen when the GPU timer goes red briefly).

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