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Help with player weapon class :S

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So, I'm trying to replace the default weapons with weapons downloaded from Realm667. I'm really slow and almost clueless with scripting, this is my custom DECORATE:

ACTOR SolarPlayer : DoomPlayer
Player.StartItem "_Colt45"
Player.StartItem "_Fist"
Player.StartItem "Clip", 50
Player.WeaponSlot 1, _Fist, _Chainsaw
Player.WeaponSlot 2, _Colt45
Player.WeaponSlot 3, _PumpActionShotgun, _SuperShotgun
Player.WeaponSlot 4, _MicroUzi
Player.WeaponSlot 5, _40mmGrenadeLauncher
Player.WeaponSlot 6, _PlasmaRifle
Player.WeaponSlot 7, _BFG9000

I made a custom KEYCONF aswell:

addplayerclass SolarPlayer

When I run the game it says "1 error while parsing DECORATE script"

Help? I'm so confused.

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Well, I had almost a similar question just a couple of hours ago. Try and create a MAPINFO lump and write the following:

PlayerClasses = "SolarPlayer"

(You can specify a lot of things in this MAPINFO lump, including player classes and such).

This should set the player classes to the one you created, or if you had more, you would just put them all there (and according the ZDOOM wiki, this is one the best ways of doing this).
Hope it works!

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Well, I have some experience with this, so I'll help as best I can. If you are using (G)ZDoom, or SkullTag, then it should tell you above the "1 error while parsing DECORATE script" what's wrong.
Once you know what's wrong, then it should be easily fixed.
Hope I helped!

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