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Player speed

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Strange how the player has nearly doubled in speed due to gradual updates over the years:

Walking speed:
Alpha --- 100
Original - 140
BFG ---- 175

Running speed:
Alpha --- 220
Original - 220
BFG ---- 275

Crouching speed:
Alpha --- 80
Original - 80
BFG ---- 100

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My tactic for speed was to press forward (maybe some strafe), then run for a short moment and then jump, and release run after the jump.. and repeat. Then I don't run out the stamina much at all. Hyp-hop-hyp... Ioomph...

Maybe they thought to remove the need to do that?

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Maybe they figured - the less players have to smash their thumb on the left control stick the better. That first boss fight was a bit painful.

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