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Playing Doom RPG in 2012

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I wonder if there's any way to buy it even if you don't have an old cellphone. I'd really like to try it out, but I got rid of my old phone a long time ago. I was thinking I could acquire the dataset somehow and run it in a phone Java emulator on Windows, but I have no idea how to get a hold of it without owning an ancient phone, and I'd rather not pirate it. I couldn't even find any bootleg versions anyway.

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I actually have been trying to download this game from EA mobile, myself. I get to the phase where you send an SMS message to your phone with a link to the download page, but it doesn't work. It says, "We just sent you a text message to XXX-XXX-XXXX. Waiting for 
Taking too long? Try Again" but it just keeps hanging. I've decided to "Try Again," many times, tried using a different browser, tried using a different operating system, tried sending it to a different phone number, but it still never goes through. I've gone to EA's support site, but wasn't able to get any help. "There are no products found for “DOOM RPG”."

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Sad to hear this game can no longer be bought or played :( I use to love playing it on my crappy flip-phone back in 2007.

If there's any way to play this classic again, on phone or computer, I'd like to know too

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im a big fan of doom rpg and the orcs & elves series on java cellphone. the humor in doom rpg 1 was great. compared to 2 it has more open places to fight on, i like that.

first let me say, it only makes fun to play on a real cellphone. java emulators are awful to play on. errors, the speed is to high, the haptic isnt there. i used emus only to do some pictures. i think one pc emu was called Midpx. a few exists. but as i said, its no fun to play with this.


middle of site, weapons in the secret developer level

all boss enemy

btw i bought a nintendo ds to play the enhanced version of orcs & elves. its a gem.

normally i would say, contact ea mobile. but the thing is, cellphone games were even fastfood back then. the publishers only cared about the hit games, and only for a short time period. im not sure if publishers sell java games today. ios is modern.

write more emails to ea. and after that contact bethesda. maybe doom rpg isnt owned by bethesda, but they care for all of the title names. i think its easier to get in contact with bethesda. and they write ea about the topic.

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I don't have anything to back this up, but I'd almost guarantee that EA has completely dropped support for Doom RPG. Considering the fact that EA seems to be very quick in dropping online support for their older titles, it wouldn't surprise me one bit if they deleted the game off their servers entirely, considering it's age.

A quick search for Doom RPG on EA's official site gives you this, three hits with none of them mentioning the first Doom RPG. Even the legal notices page only has a legal notice for Doom II RPG, although they do state that the term DOOM RPG is a trademark of EA. This page also features copyrights for games released as recently as last year (2012), which shows that EA is semi-regularly updating this page, possibly deleting notices for older games that aren't being supported anymore.

Also, the entire EA Mobile site (Including the page for Doom RPG) features a copyright date of 2009. It might not mean anything too important (especially because the copyright date at the bottom of these forums is 2000, 2001; and this site is still used by many people and being updated), but it might show that EA doesn't regularly maintain it's mobile website in comparison to the rest of it's websites, thus keeping links for things that might have expired long ago.

Keep in mind that this is all conjecture on my part, but I'd bet that Doom RPG has been lost to the ages thanks to EA.

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