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Was the chaingun always like this?

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I admit I hadn't played Doom 3 for a few years until I got BFG Edition. I noticed that (and this is on an old SD non-wide big screen TV) I don't remember the chaingun being like it is on old Doom 3 PC. Whenever the thing is fired for more than a brief moment, a large bellow of black smoke comes out in front of the player and it is such a large cloud that most of the time I couldn't even see what I was shooting at. Instead I just relied on looking at if the cross-hair was red or not. Is this a FOV thing or something else?

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yeah it has changed, I have both doom 3 console ports (the exelent original xbox's flawless port and the new meh port for 360) and there is a huge difference in weapons from what I can tell

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hardcore_gamer said:

I assume this is sarcasm.

it actually isn't, the original xbox's port is better than the 360's port in many ways! (such as a seemingly exclusive co-op mode, it even says its exclusive!)

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