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Oh this is so not nice (/idgames)

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One of my wads obviously has comment trolls, don't care. Another has a bunch of votes by people who mistook my wad for another, free upvotes!. Good thing they didn't actually play it, it was pretty terrible.

I gave you a 5/5 without even downloading, because internets.

Read the comments carefully again. They will hopefully be constructive enough to help you make a better map next time.

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Whilst it will probably get lost here (I feel 2 threads re:idgames in 2 days is enough).

To whomever made the changes re:reviews, could a link be put on each page to load the review iframe into a new window/tab? For us IOS users. Not sure why but apparently iframe scrolling doesn't work in safari mobile (or other browser apps I have tried).

Heh, just realised the coincidence of the IOS acronym.

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GreyGhost said:

Mousing over a review should identify the poster, unless it's one of the pink anonymous reviews. If that doesn't work - clear your browser cache.

I don't know how Lynx renders mouseover tooltips if you do not have a mouse.

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