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Doom Reaper Miniatures +REDUCED+

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Hi there,

My first post here! Read for a while, but now I'm thinking about selling my painted doom mini collection, I'm not in any hurry, but not sure what they go for? I've seen them go for little bits or silly money on ebay, would £1000 be about right?

I had them on ebay to test the water, but I'm reluctant to sell for the wrong price:-


As you can see there is extreme detail in every model. It took a while to collect these, and then get them painted.

It's not a complete set, and although there is one fault, the cacodemon has since had one horn's tip crack away unfortunately (I can send pic of this as the photos don't reflect this fault). As I am no painter, I never fixed this easy job.

Any ideas what these would go for, and anyone interested?

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I've been watching them on eBay, but having committed myself to installing solar panels on the roof means I'll have to forego little luxuries like painted miniatures for a while.

£1000 mightn't be unreasonable but it's still a daunting figure. You might stand a better chance of finding a buyer (or buyers) by offering the figures separately, since some are more sought after than others.

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As exquisite as these are, I'm not fond of the purple hellknight and pinky. What was the painter thinking?

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There's a strong market for these, but I think your biggest mistake is trying to sell the entire collection as a single auction.

I've been buying up various miniatures individually for example, but they're admittedly quite expensive. Realistically I'd probably bid on a few of yours but I don't think I'd feel comfortable dropping £1250 for the whole collection, especially as I already have several of them. I expect that others are in the same situation.

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Hmm, maybe I'm trying to go the easy route, I might try the separate route then!! Had an offer of £850, which I'm very tempted by at the moment...

I suppose by now most collectors will have some if not most of what they need.

I actually kinda liked the baron/pinky, gave them a demonic crazy look :)

Anyone interested...message me!

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