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Best of the Best Megawads

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I'm working on a small compilation site to assist people that are unfamiliar with all that the doom community has to offer with some great megawads, deathmatch wads, and single levels that are all worthy of introducing them to our world.

In other words, list em! I'll screenshot 'em add 'em and sort 'em!

it will eventually be http://www.jerrylehr.com/personal/Doom

and possibly if large enough http://www.megawads.com

there's a crappy intro and a lot of unfinished pages, I'm working on the megawads section at the moment... just needed some more qualified help

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See also the wiki. This list contains all the awarded mods and other nomination from that thread, plus a few others that were deemed notable by wiki contributors for various reasons. What is handy is that if you have javascript enabled, you can sort the table automatically by any of its columns.

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I read that as you saying you were making a compilation wad at first and assumed you were merging as many levels into one wad as possible. :P

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sweet! I was worried no one would respond at first

I'll be gone this weekend but have shortcuts to those two pages in my folder of website todo's for when I get back

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