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the Ultimate Collection of Doom ][ Wads by S. Paulovich is one more time on the net

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If you don't agree it, have a contact with its author!

You are...
I just have found a fantastic pwad on it, but I will not say witch! I'm losing my time with you!

Sorry, Linguica, but some of your users don't know what is the use when somebody have the idea to share... Too bad!
I will no more put anything on that forum!

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Jesus, just relax buddy, we didn't flame you or anything...we just said that there are better WAD compilations out there, which is merely constructive criticism.

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Jive: "Somebody set up the Ling!"

Ling: "All your ban are belong to us"

Edit: sorry, I know AYB is getting very old now, but Jive's rather 'interesting' grasp of the English language reminded of it :)

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