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Unfinished Map pack: Should I Release It?

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So after getting my most recent computer I was digging around my jumpdrives and external for old stuff I'd made, but unfortunately almost all of the vanilla Doom2 maps I'd been working on were lost when my previous computer died. This was about 2 years ago and perhaps I'll be able to get the HD back someday (friend of my bro has it, long story), but I managed to find a not-the-most-recent backup of an industrial city-based WAD I'd made!

I was pretty thrilled to run through the surviving maps since I'd spent quite a lot of time on several of these maps, particularly with gameplay and balance, and even some (IMHO) cool special vanilla-based effects. Unfortunately this version omits a few of the more interesting maps, and one of the crappier ones can't even be completed. I even had one that replaced Dead Simple with a map that starts you out in a claustrophobic shootout from within a convincing, custom-textured bus getting swarmed by monsters...hope I can recover that one someday, it wasn't done but I was really proud of it. It even had vanilla-compatible special effects (scrolling wall, hehe) to look like the bus was slowly crawling along, until you killed the mancubus and escaped. It was a tight, atmospheric setting and it'll be a shame if it's gone forever. :(

Getting to my point: should I release what I've got now? I have no way of editing doom levels on my new mac and I've been away from the community for a while and don't know how people take to half-finished, archival-type projects. It has at least 5 SP/Co-op maps that I feel merit distribution...what do you guys think?

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The vanilla effects you mentioned sound interesting: I'd be keen to see these levels of yours simply for a bit of education. =D

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TheHighestTree said:

Getting to my point: should I release what I've got now?

What other choice do you want to have? Let them rot?! RElEASE!

I have no way of editing doom levels on my new mac (...)

VirtualBox with Windows XP and you're set. Even better - Parallels Desktop (if you can afford it) with Windows XP.

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Any wad that has been stuck in hard drive limbo for god know how long shouldn't be wasted, even if its unfinished.

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