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W1 teleport lines break when crossed from the wrong side?

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test wad
There is a W1 teleporter. In prboom-plus with -complevel 2, if I just walk forward and then back again, the teleporter doesn't work. But if I go to the right and activate that teleporter from the other side, everything's fine. Does it always happen with W1 teleporters or there is a way to avoid this?

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Ya your right, I also tested this in Zandronum and it didn't happen but I can confirm PRBoom has this problem. I wouldn't say there is any way around it except re-working your choreography. For someone like me I never use any ports besides Zandronum for playing, but use all ports for testing at one time or another so I feel your anguish when it comes to compatibility issues.

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Nah, I personally don't care about compatibility with all ports, all I want is for my wads to work with prboom-plus -complevel 2, 3, 4 or 9. :) I used to care about vanilla compatibility, but then I realised that I shouldn't waste my time on it since I never play in doom2.exe so it's just a pointless self-restriction. Yes, I know that vanilla encourages "less pointless detail, more substance" approach which is a good thing, but I believe that I can take that approach by myself, without all annoying restrictions.

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