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Was Doomworld loading slowly for anyone else?

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I was trying to browse the forums about 10 minutes ago and all the pages were loading reeeally slowly. The same thing happened when I decided to look at the Cacoward pages, so it wasn't just the forum acting up. Did anyone else experience this?

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TheCupboard said:

Somebody must have been hitting the porn hard this weekend.


This was just happening with Doomworld, no other sites.

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SweatyGremlins said:

so his porn was uninterrupted

this really is a mystery i believe

Trust me, I wasn't looking at pornography. Sheesh. >_>

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I had a similar issue with the Doomworld forums after switching to a static IP address, there was typically a 2-3 second delay between clicking a link and the sub-forum or thread starting to load. Fortunately, things are now back to normal.

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