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Vile Flesh MIDI zip

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Looking for the Vile Flesh song origins, I found this old post from 2006. Unsurprisingly, the links are dead, but the site is still on the Internet Archive (click on the broken image that goes to "download.html").

But the vilefleshmidi.zip file isn't. Did anybody happen to save it? I'd like to have these files in their original MIDI form (not converted to MUS), as well as know if they are given titles or any other metadata absent from their version in vile.wad.

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If there was ever any reason to resurrect a seven year old thread, I'd say this is it. It looks like @Gez is still an active member here and I'm sure he'll be thrilled that someone was finally able to get him these midi files.


I've never heard of this wad. I've just downloaded it and I'll be checking it out shortly, so thanks for that. I'm also currently looking around for a good midi to use for a map I'm making. So maybe I'll be able to find one here. 


You're the man.

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Well, that was a surprise. Just goes to show, never hesitate to ask, you may get an answer seven years later. :p After a forum software update broke a link in the first post.


Thanks for the zip. I originally made the thread while writing the wiki article since I figured this was the one remaining, slim chance of getting canonical song titles if there were any in metadata. Well, so much for that, as you noted there isn't any metadata at all. But regardless, thanks again for putting this question to rest.

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Such a shame Gwyn Williams doesn't contribute anymore work.

Vile Flesh its a classic without questions.

Works like this are infinitelly inspiring.

This soundtrack is pure gold!

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