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Boom multiplayer settings

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there are some special setting to do when you plan a boom compatibile co-op map or are the same of single-player one?

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There's no technical reason for any setting to be different.

At most, you can expect that a multiplayer Boom map is more likely to be played on a ZDoom-derived engine (be it Odamex, ZDaemon, or Skulltag/Zandronum), since PrBoom is old and PrBoom+'s multiplayer code has been neglected. So you might want to make sure it works as expected on Odamex (closest to Boom behavior) and Zandronum (farthest away from Boom behavior). If there are no multiplayer issues on these two ports, and no single-player issues in PrBoom+ and Eternity, you can pretty much expect your map to work with just about anything Boom-compatible.

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