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People and their pets -- is this movie material?

Is this a viable film idea?  

15 members have voted

  1. 1. Is this a viable film idea?

    • Hmm... could possibly work
    • Forum Bellend strikes again...

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Everyone I know who has a pet talks ridiculously for their pet and most of the time it's surprisingly amusing and endearing. It would be kind of fun to announce a film project where you get people to send audition tapes of them impersonating their pets and then selecting the best ones for an 80 minute documentary. What say you?

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I understand why you come up with the idea, but it's not really movie material. It would be entertaining for about the first 2 minutes.

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i'm with bucket. it's offensive to intelligence and it's probably going to make you rich.

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Sure it's a viable film idea, if by 'viable film idea' you mean something where parents will shell out cash for their easily-amused kids to be entertained. Hollywood has been making talking animal movies since... since I was a kid, at least.

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