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Ideas for stuff to Tweak in Strife

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So not much has been done with strife. Understandable since the actual game is hard to legally get hold of. However after the nth playthrough I'd poked around for things that might be interesting to see.

After killing the programmer the sewer dwellers move from the sewer to the old front base.

Possibly along with (since this would require a new map anyway (right?) go ahead and have the town hall fixed and have some proper rooms (and maybe a few relevant missions to resource gathering to keep Tarnhil moving without the order... I dunno though.)

Removing all guards from town and repalce them with Front troops after storming the keep/killing the programmer (kinda bugged me that you could take the keep, but you'd still have acolytes in town.)

Replace Mourel with Warren as the governor (pity there's no way to have added VA work done.)

How hard would these things be to do? Could any of it be done strictly in ACS?

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I like the ideas. Specifically removing the acolytes and having the rat king and his people move into the old front base. I always preferred that base to their fortress anyway.

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