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[Noob] [singleplayer] Make respawn point different than start point?

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I have an idea for singleplayer that I"m fairly sure is quite doable eventually (thanks to hexen/heretic/strife there's level backtracking and dialogue so yay.) What i don't know is how hard it would be to make it so if player character dies they spawn at a specific part of the map after they hit a switch.

Guy gets gunned down. Instead of going back to the start of the map or getting a title screen he's instead zapped to a specific location (not sure how to keep that from being broken, I'd be tempted to say spawn only with pistol but that could introduce some broken/unwinable conditions later on.)

Vanilla doom that's completely impossible. I'd like to limit zdoom tricks (not sure why since I tend to just use zandorium. Maybe it's just a 'I want to keep to the basics mindset... even though that isn't true either since I want to have things like item shops and people you talk to along the way along with level hubs.)

No this isn't an immediate goal. I have to work up to it.

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Only way I can see of doing that is using a death script. I'm not sure on the particular, though, as I haven't used this kind of things.

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