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How to Replace sprites, animated walls, monsters & flats in a pWAD?

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Sprites, Monsters, Animated walls, Flats

How do I replace all these things in my pWAD.
pWAD, that's very important! I want them in my pWAD!
Please help me!
It's the last thing I have to do to complete my WAD.

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he tries to tell me what i put inside of me
he's got the answers to ease my curiosity

I'll clam down now, and tell you the story:

after I've replaced all this stuff would like
to put my WAD on the web.
I must admit, I never tried wintex.
The reason for this is that I assumped it was just
the windows version of deutex/deusf.
When some one uses this programme you can't play
his/her wad directly, you have to type something like
DeuSF -app wadname.wad
I seek to avoid all this. My dream is that anyone
can download my wad and play it directly (with all the
replaced stuff). Can Wintex do this for me? Can any
programme do this?

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Kies de 'utilities' folder in het menu van Doomworld, en download NWT. In dit pakket vind je oa. een goeie handleiding die je stap voor stap uitlegt hoe je dingen in Doom kunt vervangen door je eigen dingen - textures, geluidjes, sprites.

Denk erom dat je je nieuwe textures, geluidjes of sprites wel tussen de juiste markers zet. Meer hierover in de NWT handleiding.

Kijk ook eens naar deze link: http://www.doomworld.com/tutorials/fx2.shtml. Hier staat hoe je nieuwe vloeren en sprites in je WAD kunt toevoegen zonder dat je alle andere onveranderde vloeren en sprites moet overnemen.


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Originally posted by Scientist My dream is that anyone
can download my wad and play it directly (with all the
replaced stuff). Can Wintex do this for me? Can any
programme do this? [/B]

DeePsea can easily do this too. Easy TOTAL preview of everything you are going to do before you do it. ( sbsoftware.com v11.57 - the one posted here at dw is old)

1. press F7, select "Merge-Import"
2. select the "Target" - your existing PWAD or a new name.
3. add "Lump Files" - ANYTHING you like and ANY name you like. The naming thing is a bigger deal for new ports that may have newer names.

If the files are already in the DOOM format, they will just be imported "as is". You can import a PWAD if that's how you have it now or just the raw files. If they need conversion to the DOOM format then change the default conversions since these are set up for the newer ports. WAV and MIDI set to SND and MUS.

Arrange the files in type sequence - all the sprites, all the textures patches and all the flats. This makes it easier to insert any control names required.

When you add files, you can add all of them at once by using the ctrl+left mouse button when selecting from the file dialog (standard windows rules).

The rules for adding sprites differ from stock DOOM vs the newer ports. Ports are easier for sprites since you don't need all the stock DOOM images, otherwise you do and technically you can't upload this PWAD anywhere because it would be a copyright violation.

For sprites: Add S_START in front of the first sprite and S_END after the last sprite. If it's a Doom port make it SS_START and SS_END instead.

For flats: Add FF_START before the first flat and FF_END, F_END after the last (FF_START and FF_END is mostly for compatiblity).

For texture patches you don't need anything. I'm assuming you are using stock patch names.

5. Now when you have all that done, press "Save all Files" and you are done. A .BAK copy is made of your original target file (if it existed before).

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thank you all for responding to my cry for help.
I'll be trying the the things you suggested.
If it all goes well it shouldn't be to long for
my wad to be finished.

you'll be hearing from me!

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When your editing images here is a couple of guide lines to help you.

* The Image must be in a .bmp format
* The Image must be in a RGB (Red Green and Blue) Color Platelete
* The Image must have doom's default blue background
* When you put new sprites into a pwad, be sure you dump all of the orginal sprites from the pwad. Otherwise doom will not except it
*And Finally , I would suggest using a editor that is made for game editing. I use a program called Wally http://www.telefragged.com/wally/downloads.shtml

It has special tools for games , such has a bullet hole tool, and decal tool.

Hoped That Helped.

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