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Will Will Rock rock?

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Does anyone know how to get the Will Rock game to play on windows 7 64 bit?Graphics card is an intel hd.Have already tried compatibility mode,updates and all.Is there maybe a virus-free patch?Thanks in advance!

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Sodaholic said:

You might consider getting something better than that joke.

HEY. While it may not run top cutting games all too well, it runs TF2 at good settings, the only thing that really suffers is the smoothness (aliasing). Even rigs of rods runs pretty good too.

I use an Intel(R) HD Graphics 3000. The rest of the rig though, is quite powerful, and hasn't even been overclocked yet. Stays pretty cold too.

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I am asking for help,not any snide remarks.This game plays in a friend's computer that's exactly like mine.Just thought it was odd.

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Thank you Mr. Chris!Patch is downloaded.There's not much I can do about my video card,though.However,I am saving up for a newer computer.I also like to collect older silly games with a bit of humor.

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