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Any good void maps/wads out there?

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Anyone know of any good void based maps or wads out there? because I am looking for some inspiration for a new project im making which will consist of all void maps.

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I always thought that while the idea of Null Space is cool, it looks quite plain and is boring to play. I think Kama Sutra MAP27 is a muuuch better example of void map.

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I always really like the void at the end of Ogre labs although the map is mostly tech base the void area could stand alone as it's own map.

HR.WAD map 26 is a pretty good old school void map as well.

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Ribbiks said:

tom19.wad has some very pretty void maps, in particular map05

do you have a link? because the one on idgames is some kinda of horrible jokewad.

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glenzinho said:

Why, Void of course.

Everyone knows about that Void, haha. It's probably the best one out there.

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