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Installing Master Levels on Windows 7

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So I got the itch to play some Doom again, and have been installing all the games on the system. I've managed to get every other game installed, but Master Levels for Doom II is the only one being a severe pain in the ass.

I exit out to the cmd prompt and when I type in "install" while in the Master directory I get an error that tells me the deice file that the disk is using isn't compatible with my PC!

I even tried to install it on my old system with XP on it and have had the same issue. Anyone have any ideas as to how I'd go about getting these guys to install!

Been ages, I'm so out of the loop!

Thanks in advance!

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I created a complete Vanilla DOOM archive using DOSBox. All the games (including Master Levels) are all set up to run and be configured with little to no effort, even for Multiplayer!

If you want me to, I can send you the setup I have for Master Levels. Should save you even more trouble...

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If that's the actual levels, I would suggest you remove that link before the wrath of moderators or admins strike down on you.

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GoatLord said:

I remember being able to copy .wads directly from the CD and throw them into my Doom directory.

there is a version where you must install it. its a problem without dos in win7. see above how i unzipp the install file.

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