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My Doom 2 SKulltag Deathmatch pack [7 maps]

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Sup guys?
You like deathmatching right? Well here are some maps for ya!

Space Ship battle(A battle in space, Each space ship has 2 secrets, a rune and a switch)

Ruined City (A broken down city. Contains a secret room, a secret mini-gun, a secret bfg10k, a secret bfg9k and a secret door that enjoys making noises(Note, Some textures are bleeding through the floor, I'm fixing this soon))

The Factory (supposedly a gun factory, but i kinda stopped working on it because i couldn't get the conveyor belt to work, still fun with bots though)

Minecraft Deathmatch (title is self explanatory, NETHER not included)

gm_construct (the construction site from Garry's Mod 12. Contains a secret room(Empty for now) and a secret rune)

dm_killbox_bs_final (A death match map inspired by the HL2 Deathmatch map by the same name(WARNING! TO GET THE PLAYERS TO SPAWN ON THE INVISIBLE BRIDGES(the blocks), I HAD TO MAKE THEM SPAWN SOMEWHERE ELSE AND THEN SPAWN ONTO THE BRIDGE. BOTS ARE BROKEN IN THIS MAP)

and finally

AWP Arena (a small arena with a tower in the middle, Based of a CSS map)


Tell me what you think! and if you've made some cool maps you would like me to add, Tell me!

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