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Hi fellow Doomworlders,

Since I finished working on ScoreDoom, I've been very busy the last year working on a startup I co-founded and developed called JobBidding.com. It is sort of officially launching this week. We have a radio advert going out on Monday on Detroit Metropolitan radio (we are based in Detroit area). It will be hard going to accrete interest as this is our first time promoting the service, since we just finished the first release.

So I am bugging fellow DoomWorlders to help me out. Just go to http://jobbidding.com and on our front page could you click on 'Like' (if you have a facebook account), and/or click on the 'g+' icon if you have a gmail/google account.

Thats it. Thank you, & I promise not to spam here again! :-)

btw, I'm also planning to have a ScoreDoom bonus pack coming out over the Holidays. New monsters, new boss rush chain for spider masterminds, and it makes the previous boss rushes more challenging and fixes monsters from the add-on pack.

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Figured I would tap into the friendly community here, to see if anyone could help me out again.

we need as many endorsements as possible by noon on Thursday March 21st, for our idea submission at http://startgarden.com/ If you don't have a facebook account, please ignore this.
More info about our submission if you are curious: http://startgarden.com/ideas/detail/www.jobbidding.com

If you have a few spare moments, all we need is people to go to http://startgarden.com/, then click on the 'sign in with facebook' button, a facebook app popup will occur, just select 'Only Me' for privacy, then select 'Skip', a browser page will load, unclick the checkbox then select 'Skip' again.

(startgarden can be painfully slow for some reason, so please be patient for pages to load)

Finally go to http://startgarden.com/ideas/detail/www.jobbidding.com and click on 'Endorse This Idea'. That's it.

Alternatively you can click on 'The Ideas' link on the homepage and then scroll down and click on the 'Jobbidding' thumbnail which will load our submission page w. the endorsement button.

Thank you so much!

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Even though I liked the idea of a score system in Doom, I've never really liked that it rot during inaction, I can understand losing a certain amount of score by dying just not inaction.

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thanks Tango, If you go to the page again, it should say 'endorsed' if you didnt sign out.

@avoozi: you are talking about the score decreasing as time goes on? yeah that is to reward players who score/'uv max' everything quicker than someone else scoring the same total amount, but doing it slower.
There might be a setting/console var that disables the score decreasing with time, but would need to double check.

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