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Doom maps and mods [favorites]

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What are your guys favorite maps and mods? please if you can give me the links to some of your favorite maps and mods.

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From now on I'll copy this post when the topic inevitably comes up again.

Biowar <-- One of the first partial conversions I played, and still holds up for me today.
Bella and Bella 2 <-- I enjoy most of pcorf's wads, including the twilight zone wads and whispers of satan, but for some reason the quirky style of these two is really appealing to me.
Massmouth and Massmouth 2 <-- Probably my favorite TCs, particularly the sequel.

And now...I present you with copy-pasta of all my old lists.

Infected Area <-- Gets an award for best Doom storyline. While there are levels that feel a bit switch-hunty in this wad, it has some pretty clever tricks and I still find it to be one of my personal favorites. Good use of REJECT lump in map 3 too.
Chief's Wad <-- Good mindless fun. While the level design isn't really complex, the gameplay feels heated and entertaining.
Proxyon Sector KGx/57 mini Episode <--There is just something about this wad that I found really appealing. I can't quite put my finger on it, so you would just have to play it and see. Note: the first level in this 3-map wad had been included in other wads in the archive....4 times!
The Adventures of SUB <-- This is a cute 95 or so wad that hadn't been on the archive until I uploaded it about four years ago. It has an ammusing storyline progression where you play as a German agent named Sub, on a mission to stop the U.S. from nuking Germany. Definitely an interesting and nostalgic experience.
Insertion <-- A wonderful 11 map set by most of the authors behind requiem and memento mori and such. If you like those you will like this.
City of Doom <-- An 11-level episode from 2000 with probably the best city-themed levels I have ever seen. (Well, as far as doom-style goes, otherwise I would probably give that to AD2.)
Dark Covenant <-- A 12-level episode from 96. This one is really good, especially for the time it was made. The first level might give you second thoughts due to it resembling a "my house" level, but this would have to be one of my all-time favorites.
Project Space <-- A 20-level megawad from 98 that didn't get very much attention. Using only the stock doom 2 resources, it isn't a bad wad and is worth checking out. It even has a sort of 'hub' that goes on towards the end of the wad.
The Invaders <-- This is a six-level heretic-themed episode from 95. For such an early wad, its pretty good. Warning though, this is one of those wads that lends itself to nostalgia in my sake, since it is one of the first wads I played. It can get a bit switch-hunty at times.
Killzone and Killzone 2 <-- These are two seven level episodes by Don Howard with medium-to-large nicely constructed maps. The sounds are a bit hokey, but stuff like that never really bothered me. Recommended!
Post <-- An 11 level episode from 96 with clever ideas, nice looking maps, and an amusing storyline to boot. Very recommended. This wad happens to be the sequel to...
Debut <-- A nice episode for Doom. Good enough that it is worth a mention here. If you are to only play one of Tony's wads however, I would still recommend Post.
Relive the Nightmare This is a nine level re-imagining of Knee Deep in the Dead. Note that by re-imagining I mean it isn't trying to mimic episode 1's style as closely as possible. Instead, these levels feel like unique creations that were inspired by episode 1. I could have put any of Shams Young's entries from the database here really. They are all worth checking out.[/quote]

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