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Another fringe benefit is protection from damage when encountering deer on the road, the low sloped front of the car scoops them up and over, with minimal damage to both deer and car. It has happened to the Aerocivic. Sound implausible? Watch this video of a deer colliding with the low sloped front end of a race car.

What fuel economy does it get?

The approximate mileage on a level road burning non-ethanol gasoline at 85 degrees F ambient (29.4 degrees C) is:

95 mpg (US) at 65 mph
(2.5 L/100 km at 105 km/h ... 40.4 km/L ... 114 mpg (Imp.))
85 mpg (US) at 70 mph
(2.8 L/100 km at 113 km/h ... 36.1 km/L ... 102.1 mpg (Imp.))
65 mpg (US) at 80 mph
(3.6 L/100 km at 129 km/h ... 27.6 km/L ... 78.1 mpg (Imp.))
50 mpg (US) at 90 mph
(4.7 L/100 km at 145 km/h ... 21.3 km/L ... 60.1 mpg (Imp.))

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I'd want some kind of hovercraft for safely flying over deers' heads.
And we need to stop relying on fossil fuels. Damn those greedy monopolists, they're just intentionally refusing to move on to better energy sources even though we're already able to move on to them.

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Looks good for highway driving, but it looks like the extra weight might actually make it less fuel effiecnt in more urban areas with a lot of starts and stops.

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