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Removing weapon sprites

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So, I've built a very simple map to run in (G)ZDoom, that I plan to use to illustrate some points that I’m making in a lecture on visual space. But, to be suitable, ideally it shouldn't look like I'm playing DOOM, so I need to knock-out the weapon sprites somehow. Is there a simple way of doing this? Thanks!

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You could type this into the console beforehand:

r_drawplayersprites false
EDIT: And now I see that while trying to remember which command it was, I see I was beaten to it :P

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durian said:

Any recommendations on a nicer blue sky texture (I can't remember where this one originates from) and/or a grassy flat are very welcome.

How about these? I made these myself.

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Thanks for the tip - I briefly considered this, but ruled it out since it would have required me to learn something new, and then it's just a bit too much like I'm just indulging my interest in DOOM editing, rather than getting on with my work :/

In the end I built a skybox. Again, I'm not sure where these sky textures came from, but it's the nicest blue sky that I've seen in DOOM.

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